Were do I start? Well it’s my birthday and honestly I’ve had a lot of bad birthday but this has to top them. My boyfriend cheated on my last night and became a brat all day. My parents ditched and went to hangout with their friends. My brother and sister became more aggravated  with then normal. I have to go to the doctor about my Hashemoto disease wensday  and of corse I’m stressed about that. It’s been a long day and I honestly just want to go back to sleep. Maybe I’ll try again at the whole life thing again. 

In my honest opinion I do not see the why people feel the absolute need to be such an asshole to everyone. What is so hard about being nice or kind to people. Why on earth would you want to make someone sad on purpose? It’s a cruel thing to do.
“Tomorrow will be a better day.”                   -K.g.b